Marketing company in Italy, Brescia

Timmagine is a marketing and communications company in Brescia (Salò), Italy: a business that provides 360° communication in order to offer the customer a genuine service.

Strategic marketing

All of our services start from a consultation, allowing us to identify a customised action plan more in line with objectives, targets and competitors.

On line communication
On line communication

Creating a website or posting on Facebook is not enough. You must define the target and know it. Plan for the channels that you use. Manage them more effectively.

Off line communication
Off line communication

In the 2.0 era you can not just communicate via the web. Advertising campaigns, events and point of sale materials are and will remain off-line communication tools with their own specific gravitas within the marketing plans of companies.

Web marketing
Growing your business through internet

SMEs that carry out web marketing on average grow quicker, have a wider international customer base, hire more people and are more productive than companies that don’t do it.


What we do is part of who we are.
And we are Timmagine. A marketing and communications company in Brescia with 34 professionals.

Francesca Baronio
Graphic designer manager
Sonia Bettini
Web and graphic designer
Wilma Biasetti
Account new business
Debora Bodei
Web designer, SEO specialist
Eva Borgini
Head of Press Office
Andrea Bottoglia
Web e graphic designer
Gianmarco Cauzzi
Web e graphic designer
Roberto Falda
General director
Luciano Fusato
Commercial director
Francesco Glavina
Head of multimedia
Stefania Luscia
Administration officer
Barbara Marini
Account executive
Luisa Massetti
Account executive
Luca Miele
Web Marketing manager
Luca Monaco
Web and graphic designer
Nicola Morello
Copywriter consultant
Sara Moreni
Web and graphic designer
Alessandro Pace
Multimedia Assistant
Davide Paloschi
IT manager
Francesca Pasquariello
Web and graphic designer
Orietta Pavoni
Accounting officer
Leonardo Pelo
Creative director
Mirko Pinto
PHP Programmer
Alberto Quacquarini
Art Director
Matias Recondo
PHP and HTML5 Programmer
Francesco Riccardi
Social media manager
Roberto Sartorelli
Art Director
Stefania Scandella
Account executive
Giuseppe Seccamani
Marketing consultant
Giulia Torre
IT Assistant
Stefania Vezzola
Head of Administration
Mario Zanotti
Sales account
Elia Zenone
Account manager
Paola Zorzi